Acorn Sisters

The Acorn Sisters, whose family name was probably Brown, were discovered by Joe Grieshop and were presumably renamed to avoid confusion with the Browns, who were popular at the time. Joe became their manager and used his record company, Acorn Records, to promote them. They had come from around Corbin, Kentucky, and their names were Goldie, Rosemarie, and Evelyn. In 1963 they were appearing on the WWVA Jamboree. Joe had other artists, but a high percentage of the Acorn releases were by the Acorn Sisters. They recorded bluegrass gospel but also did country and rockabilly. Their most popular numbers were probably “Where Will I Shelter My Sheep” and “Alpha and Omega.” They recorded four EPs and three singles on Acorn as the Acorn Sisters, and Rosemarie recorded one single by herself. They did two singles on Boone Records as the Acorn Sisters and one as Evelyn and Goldie. They also had an EP on Starday which was most likely material leased from Acorn. They also recorded a single on Acton Records with Johnny Acton.

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