ANDERSON, RAYMOND L. “RAY” (1924-2010)

Ray Anderson was a musician, deejay, songwriter, minister, and label owner. In his early days, he recorded on Dixie Jamboree and Cozy Records before coming to Cincinnati and cutting a local hit on Kentucky Records with “Stalin Kicked the Bucket,” as well as sacred songs on Kentucky and its sister label Big 6. He worked as a DEEJAY at WCHO in Washington Court House, where he also recorded on the Mountaineer label. He went to WWVA in Wheeling and joined the Osborne Brothers. Although he never appeared on any of the Osborne Brothers records, they did back him on some singles on the Mountaineer label. After leaving the Osborne Brothers, he became a minister and eventually founded G.R.S. Records, which specialized in gospel recordings, including some bluegrass, in Richmond Dale. At the time of his death, he was living in Camden and was broadcasting a radio show, Country Camp Meeting, over WCNW in Fairfield and pastoring a church in Cincinnati.

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