Bgrass, Inc.

Bgrass, Inc. was formed to preserve and celebrate bluegrass music and its heritage in the Cincinnati/Dayton region. Thanks to a confluence of commercial and social factors, the Cincinnati-Dayton region has played a unique and consistent role in fostering bluegrass from its inception in the late 1940s. Communities of Appalachian migrants provided local audiences for bluegrass performers, while radio stations and independent record labels and studios disseminated their sounds throughout the region and around the country. The result has been not only vitally important music, but a rich, distinctive social and cultural history that can shed much light on the origin and development of the music. Many of the sources from which such a history can be compiled are in danger of disappearing, as musicians and other participants grow older, materials decay or disappear, and social and economic forces alter the audiences and institutions that have sustained the music. We stand in danger of irreplaceable losses with the passage of time and changes in circumstances, and such losses will have an effect not only on regional musicians and audiences, but on the entire field of bluegrass music and its study. The organization came up with the idea for the original Cincinnati-Dayton Bluegrass Heritage List which was published on the Miami University Hamilton website in 2007. The current list is updated through 2016. BGrass, Inc also produced and distributed a two-hour radio documentary on the career of the Osborne Brothers.

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