Blue and Lonesome

Blue and Lonesome was formed in the early 2000s by Matt Jones, who had played with Paul and Joe Mullins in the WBZI Bluegrass Band and Larry D. Sparks, who had played with his dad Larry in the Lonesome Ramblers. Matt played guitar and sang lead, while ā€œDā€ sang baritone and played bass. They added Ronnie Stewart singing tenor and doing the banjo work and Rick Hayes on mandolin.

In 2001 they issued a CD, Another Song, which was recorded at Legend Recording Studio in Covington, Kentucky and owned by band member Rick Hayes. Later members included Steve Spenny, Tony Kakaris, and Noah Woolum. Ronnie Stewart, Rick Hayes, and Tony Kakaris eventually would up together again in Nightflyer, Matt Jones went on to help found Shotgun Holler, and ā€œDā€ Sparks went back to work with his dad again for a while.

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