Bluegrass Legends

As a group, the Bluegrass Legends were active in southwestern Ohio and Kentucky in the early 2000s. As individuals, they had been active since the 1950s. They issued a CD in 2000 titled The Bluegrass Legends Live At Meadowgreen Park. It featured Clarence Kelly on mandolin, Noah Crase on banjo, Carlos Brock on guitar, Rodney Case on fiddle, Wanda Baker on bass, and Clarence Baker on guitar. In 2002 they issued another CD, The Old Porch Swing. Performing on it were Clarence Kelly on mandolin and lead vocals, Noah Crase on banjo, Wilma Hoskins singing tenor, Carlos Brock on guitar and lead vocals, Charlie Hoskins on bass and lead vocals, Lonnie Brock on mandolin and tenor vocals, and Greg Luckand Steve Parsons on fiddles.

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