BROCK, CARLOS (1934-2016)

Born in Hyden, Kentucky, Carlos Brock came to Dayton in 1950 with his family. With his brother Lonnie and Noah Crase, he put together a band and began playing the Dayton bars in 1952 as the Brock Brothers. Carlos was also in a band with Sonny Osborne and Enos Johnson that recorded around fifty songs for Gateway and Kentucky Records in Cincinnati. Later, Carlos, Lonnie, and Sonny played around Dayton as the Brock Brothers and Sonny Osborne. In 1954, Noah Crase and Carlos got jobs playing with Bill Monroe, where Carlos stayed until late 1955. He then joined the Country Pardners, with Bill Price and Bobby Simpson, and cut some records for RCA Victor before going into the Army. After his release from the service, he and his brother went into construction in Florida. Later on, he and Lonnie, their brother Bobby, and sister Greta performed and recorded Southern Grass for Atteiram as the Brocks. In more recent years, Carlos performed with Vince Combs and with the Bluegrass Legends.

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