Buckeye Ridge

This Cincinnati area band was formed in 1978 by departing members of Willard Duncan and the Tennessee Grass. After a stint at the Eastside Tavern, the band often played the Ground Round Restaurant circuit in Northern Kentucky and southern Ohio. Original members of Buckeye Ridge were John Rossbach, guitar and lead vocals, later mandolin; Al Jamison, banjo and baritone vocals; Kevin Vidmar, fiddle and tenor vocals; and Rich Hart, upright bass and baritone vocals. Other early members included Randy Birckhead, Gary Eldridge, Jeff Campbell, and Jon Weisberger. Later members included Larry “Bubba” Griffith, Tony Kakaris, Stan Logan, Don Pippins, Ron Simmons, Glen Branham, and Greg Beasley and his daughter Emily Beasley. In 2008 they issued a CD titled The Picture.

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