DUFFEE, DAN (1951-); DUFFEE, JIM (1949-); DUFFEE, TOM (1955-)

The three Duffee brothers pretty much held the WYSO deejay shows together in the early days. They also had a band and played some live music around the Dayton area. In 2016, Tom Duffee plays banjo with the old-time band The Corndrinkers as well as hosting the eclectic country music show Country Ramble on WYSO, Sunday nights from 6:00 to 8:00. He plays all types of country and bluegrass music records as well as presenting live bands and interviewing various guests on their involvement in country and bluegrass music. He likens his show to taking a leisurely stroll through the history of country music. His brother Dan takes over when Tom is gone and helps out behind the scenes when Tom is there.

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