FEE, JIMMY (1941-2008)

Born in Harlan County, Kentucky, Jimmy Fee learned the banjo at an early age. Around 1959, he moved to Cincinnati, where he was inspired by the banjo playing of Walter Hensley, who was with Earl Taylor’s Stoney Mountain Boys. He hooked up with Nelson Young and the Sandy Valley Boys and played in the Cincinnati area with them for several years. He recorded with the Sandy Valley Boys on their Vetco album, as well as recording one side of a single on the Enola label and probably playing banjo with Nelson Young on his single on the same label. When Nelson left for Orlando, Florida, to play at Disney World, Jimmy went with him and stayed about seven years, until the job with Disney ended. After that, he got a job with Chubby Anthony and Big Timber Bluegrass. When Chubby died in 1980, Jimmy took over the band.

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