GINTER, OTTO “OTT” (1915-1995)

Ott Ginter was a motivated fan and listener to WPFB in Middletown, where he was able to get Bobby Osborne on radio for the first time. Later, he offered to record Bobby, Sonny, and their sister Louise on his Kitty Records label, which was based in Miamisburg. In July of 1951, the recordings were done on Ginter’s tape recorder in the Osborne farmhouse on Olt Road near Dayton. From that session, Ginter released two 78 rpm singles on Kitty. Peter Kuykendall purchased one, “New Freedom Bell,” in Cincinnati, and played it for the Country Gentlemen, who made it a bluegrass standard later in the 1950s. Ott’s son, Randolph Ginter, maintains a website which pays tribute to Ott and includes his early Osborne family recordings, along with pictures from the early days.

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