So nicknamed because of his red hair, Peach Hampton played mandolin, fiddle, and sang with the Hagan Brothers band around the Dayton and Wilmington areas. He guested on the first Hotmud Family LP. In 1975, he and Greg Dearth left Dayton to work with the Hutchison Brothers and he eventually ended up in Barnesville. He earned a law degree from Ohio State, worked for the federal court in Atlanta, and moved back to Barnesville to open his own law practice. In 1990, he organized Peach’s Little Band, which only played a couple of times a year. It included Dayton-area musicians Barb Kuhns, Linda Scutt, and Greg Dearth, plus musicians from the Barnesville area. He also plays guitar occasionally with mandolin player Zeke Hutchison, son of one of the original Hutchison Brothers.

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