HOSKINS, ZEKE (c.1927-2014)

Zeke Hoskins was a well-known gospel singer and bandleader around the Dayton-Middletown area for many years with his band the Country Gospel-Aires (later known as the Bluegrass Gospel-Aires). His early band consisted of Zeke on lead vocals and guitar, Jack Bowling playing banjo, and Richard Lewis on mandolin. Eventually, Zeke’s two sons Rick and Mike became regular band members. Other members included Ronald Jackson, Dave Tackett, Charlie Hager, and Perry Kuhn. Zeke recorded extensively with albums on Golden Shield, Gospel Gems, Ark, Prism, Pine Tree, Crusade, GRS, Jalyn, Baron, MGMA, Rite, and Rose, and singles on Sulkie, Ark, and Prism. Zeke eventually became a minister.

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