Hotmud Family

They were a traditional band, sometimes bluegrass, sometimes old-time country, and sometimes ragtime. They were present and influential in the rebirth of bluegrass music in the Dayton area during the 1970s and into the early 1980s. They were the first band to play at Sam’s Bar and Grill on West Fifth Street, opening the way for other local bluegrass bands. They were instrumental in bringing bluegrass to the Dayton Living Arts Center and hosted the WYSO Country Jamboree which was broadcast from there. The nucleus of the band was Dave Edmundson on fiddle and mandolin, Suzanne (then Edmundson) Thomas on guitar, and Rick Good on banjo. Michael Hitchcock, Tom Harley Campbell, Jerry Ray Weinert, T.J. Lundy, Gary Hopkins, Greg Dearth, and Tom McCreesh were also members at various times. The band became nationally known and played the festival circuit as well as recording four LPs for Vetco and two for Flying Fish. In 2010, the four Vetco LPs were reissued in a two-CD set which also included their one Vetco single. That same year they staged a two-night reunion at the Canal Street Tavern. In 2015 they performed a reunion show in Spring Valley, a small town near Dayton where several band members lived.

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