Jett's Creek

Named for a creek in Kentucky, Jett’s Creek was formed in 2005 by Angie McIntosh Young who did much of the lead singing. It included her father Jon McIntosh, who had been a member of Misty Mountain and Timely Arrival. Jon played rhythm guitar and sang harmony. Angie’s brother Adam McIntosh played lead guitar and sang some lead. Other early members were Pearl Bradley on mandolin, Randy Greeley on bass, and Joe Alexander on banjo. Their first CD, Supposed To Be, released in 2008, included the three family members and Pearl Bradley plus guests Tim Kidd on bass and Evan McGregor on fiddle and was recorded at Evan’s Oscar Fish Studio in Brookville. Their second CD, Guilty, was released in 2010. A third CD, The Wait Is Over, was recorded at Nightflyer Rick Hayes’s studio in Cincinnati and released on Mountain Fever Records. After Adam McIntosh left the band to play with Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers, later members included Chuck Little on mandolin, Greg Moore on fiddle, Tim Hale on banjo, and Nathan Bray on guitar. The band appeared on the TV show Song of the Mountains in 2010.

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