The Marshall Family was a sensation on the bluegrass festival circuit in the mid to late 1970s. Gospel deejays loved and played their music because of the close harmonies but primarily because of Judy Marshall’s beautiful voice. The five siblings had been drilled for years on their harmonies by their father Chester who had once been part of a gospel act with his brother. Their career began in 1967 playing in a five state area close to their Canal Winchester home. In 1969 they recorded their first LP at Rome Studio in Columbus on the Gloryland label followed by a second LP on the same label in 1971. Their break came in 1974 when David talked Ralph Stanley into auditioning them for his festival in McClure, Virginia. The fans loved them and so did Ralph. He started promoting them and obtaining festival bookings for them as well as getting them a recording contract with Rebel Records. What followed was increasing popularity and Rebel LPs in 1974, 1975, and 1977. By this time the nucleus of the band was Judy, Dave, Ben, and Danny. Some of their best songs were “Come Springtime”, “I Just Want to Thank You Lord”, and “When I Wake Up to Sleep No More.” In 1978 Rebel recorded and pressed a double LP and was set to release it when the family objected to Rebel’s new label which depicted a confederate soldier playing the banjo. Apparently, the LP was never released and the Marshall Family’s recording career came to a halt. The group went their separate ways with David working with various bluegrass bands including Ralph Stanley and Judy starting a solo career. Donna started a group with her daughters. Judy and David sang with Larry Sparks at Ralph Stanley’s funeral.

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