Dwight McCall was born in Maryland but grew up in Cincinnati, where his dad, Jim McCall, was lead singer and guitar player for the Appalachian Grass. He learned to play the mandolin and eventually began performing in Baltimore with Walter Hensley and the Dukes of Bluegrass. Later on, he played with Vernon “Junior” McIntyre in Cincinnati. He moved on to help found Union Springs, then played mandolin and sang tenor with the Country Gentlemen and later with J.D. Crowe and the New South. After Crowe’s retirement in 2012, most of the band–including Dwight–continued on as American Drive until they finally disbanded. For a short time in 2003, he had a band called Miami Road, which included Randy Pollard, Ronnie Stewart, Jon Weisberger, and Darren McGuire. In 2003, he issued his first solo CD on Lavenir Records titled Kentucky Peace of Mind. In 2007, he recorded Never Say Never Again on Rural Rhythm.

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