McCALL, JAMES DAVID SR. “ JIM” (1930-2010)

Jim McCall was a prominent bluegrass lead singer and guitar player, beginning in the 1950s. He worked and recorded extensively with Earl Taylor in Baltimore and in Cincinnati, where the Stoney Mountain Boys were regulars at the Ken-Mill and Aunt Maudie’s. At one time, he was part of the house band at the Ken-Mill with Paul Mullins, Benny Birchfield, and Harley Gabbard. That band cut several singles on Rem Records under various combinations of the members’ names. He was part of the early Appalachian Grass, with Vernon “Junior” McIntyre and Katie Laur, which worked around Cincinnati and cut two LPs on Vetco. Jim also cut a solo album on Vetco and later recorded with his own band, the Walker Mountain Boys. Jim’s son Dwight continues the family legacy with his own professional bluegrass career.

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