Mac McDivitt was born in Preble County and has been around southwestern Ohio all of his life. His love of country and bluegrass music began with listening to the Boone County Jamboree on WLW in Cincinnati in the early 1940s. Listening gradually expanded into wanting to learn the history of the music and the people who performed it. His knowledge of bluegrass history in the southwestern Ohio area is reflected in his work as the principal author of these profiles of Dayton-Cincinnati area musicians and organizations. Mac was a deejay at WCTM and WCTM-FM in Eaton for about ten years in the 1970s and 1980s, playing traditional country and bluegrass music. In cooperation with the OKI Bluegrass Association, he featured a full half hour each week of local bluegrass records and live interviews with local bluegrass musicians. In 2015 and 2016 he was a guest on Tom Duffee’s WYSO programs Midnight Ramble and Country Ramble, discussing the history of country and bluegrass music in southwest Ohio with Tom, and playing recordings by the bluegrass pioneers in the area. In 2016, he also completed an extensive update of these Dayton-Cincinnati profiles of area musicians and organizations.

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