In the late 1940s, when it was difficult to find printed information on country and bluegrass entertainers, Thurston Moore began publishing the Hillbilly and Western Scrapbook in Cincinnati. It had pictures and short biographies of hillbilly stars from the local area and around the country, and was sold through radio deejays for $1.00 each. A new scrapbook was published almost every year and eventually went through twenty-one editions. He also published the Country Music Who’s Who, a large size hardback book which was a trade and fan publication combined. He made two attempts at publishing Hoedown magazine, but it never really caught on. He also put out stars’ birthday calendars and picture books, which were sold at country music shows. For several years in the 1950s, he and his wife Georgianna owned and operated Verona Lake Ranch, a hillbilly music park near Walton, Kentucky. In 2013 his autobiography, You Won’t Believe It, was published by Tennessee Players, Inc.

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