Originally from West Virginia, Dave Pinson, an old-time/bluegrass guitarist known for his virtuoso lead flat picking and solid rhythm, played with the Cincinnati based old-time band Company’s Comin’ in the 1970s. He and Taylor Farley teamed up as Pinson and Farley. He played solo and duet gigs around Cincinnati as well as playing sessions at Vetco Records (including Josh Graves LP “Playing It Simple”). He backed fiddler Guy Blakeman on fiddle tunes that Guy played for a various artists’ LP of Cincinnati’s traditional musicians. He also played guitar and sang lead with Ed Cunningham and Natalie McClellan on two tracks of the B-Side CD “Bluegrass Sunday Live At the Comet.” His father was “Biggie” Pinson, a pioneer old-time lead guitarist who was reputed to have toured with the Blue Sky Boys.

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