Lilimae Whitaker began life as Lillimae Haney, and performed with her sister as the Haney Sisters. After they grew up and her sister married and left the duo, Lillimae and her father continued with a band that included Charlie Whitaker, who eventually became Lillimae’s husband. In the mid 1960s, they adopted the band name Lillimae and the Dixie Gospelaires and Lillimae became one of the first female band leaders in bluegrass. They lived and performed in the western Ohio area, recording on Arco, Rural Rhythm, Down Home, Rome, Jewel, Old Homestead, Raindrop, and Gloryland. Some notables who have passed through Lillimae’s band include Wayne Lewis, Tommy Boyd, and Joe Isaacs. In later years, her sons Rick, Ron, and Rodney played in the band.

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